Year 8 Induction


We are looking forward to meeting our new Year 8 Parents and Pupils on Wednesday 25th August, 2021 at the following times:


8A, B & C: Pupil drop-off at 9am; Parents in Assembly Hall for 9.15am.

8D, E & F: Pupil drop-off at 11.15am; Parents in Assembly Hall for 11.30am

8G, H & I: Pupil drop-off at 1.30pm; Parents in Assembly Hall for 1.45pm


Speakers will include:


Mr Donnelly – Principal

Ms Sue Wright – PSNI Liaison Officer

Ms Jean Gascoigne – School Counsellor

Mrs Kiera Boyle – Senior Teacher in charge of Attendance & Punctuality

Mrs Danielle McKernan – Senior Teacher in charge of Digital Learning & Communication

Mr Darren Mulgrew – Teacher in charge of school transport

Mrs Helen Guilfoyle – Head of Year 8

Mr Ronan Campbell – Vice-Principal


Please let us know if you are unable to attend and we will do our best to make alternative arrangements.


Yours faithfully,


The Key Stage 3 Transition Team