Top Flight Journalism Award – Dominic Gates

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Dominic Gates, from Dungannon has won the most prestigious prize in U.S. journalism, the Pulitzer Prize, for his groundbreaking stories on Boeing and the IMAX scandal.

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Dominic was educated at St Patrick’s Academy and Queen’s University Belfast and moved to Seattle in 1992. He joined The Seattle Times in 2003 as their Aerospace reporter.

Dominic led the investigation and was first to break the major stories about shortcomings in the design and training around the IMAX autopilot system.

The Pultizer Committee’s citation for the National Reporting Award reads:

“Dominic Gates, Steve Miletich, Mike Baker and Lewis Kamb of The Seattle Times – for groundbreaking stories that exposed design flaws in the Boeing 737 MAX that led to two deadly crashes and revealed failures in government oversight.”

The Boeing Company is the world’s largest aerospace company.

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Major scoop:

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