Teaching Posts

The Board of Governors of the above school wishes to fill the following positions to commence September 2021:

1 – Teacher of French & Spanish to A Level.
Full time, Permanent

2 – Teacher of Girls’ PE & General Subjects (Geography, Health & Social Care, Home Economics and RE).
Full time Permanent

3 – Teacher of STEM subjects (to include GCSE Level Physics and A Level Environmental Technology).
Full time Permanent

4 – Teacher of History, Government & Politics and English
Full time, Temporary, to cover a career break for one year

5 – Teacher of Science and Maths.
Full time, Temporary for one year

6 – Teacher of General Subjects to include English and Geography.
Full time Temporary for one year

7 – Teacher of Psychology to A Level with English to GCSE
Full time, Temporary for one year to cover maternity leave

To facilitate short listing, selection criteria may be enhanced.

Application forms, personnel specifications and job descriptions to be requested from Mrs Maria Martin, Principal’s Secretary by E-Mailing: [email protected]

The format of application forms must remain unaltered. Any alteration of the format may result in non-acceptance of the application.
Closing date for receipt of application: 12 noon on Friday 30th April 2021