Subject Team

Miss S Mullin
Mr J Donnelly

A Level

AS Unit 1: Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods
1. How human memory works
2. Early child development
3. Research methods and data analysis

AS Unit 2: Biological psychology, Social Psychology and Individual differences
1. The physical and psychological effects of stress
2. How social influences affect our behaviour
3. Biographical and psychological explanations of abnormality

A2 Unit 3: Topics in Psychology
1. Relationships: the formation and breakdown of romantic relationships, human reproductive behaviour and the effects of early experience and culture on adult relationships
2. Gender: Psychological, biographical and social influences of gender development
3. Cognitive Development: Development of thinking, moral understanding and social cognition

A2 Unit 4: Psychopathology in action and Research Methods
1. Depression: Classification, characteristics, explanations and therapies
2. Media: Influences on behaviour, persuasion, attitude and change
3. Application: Scientific methods in Psychology

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