PE/Sports Studies

Subject Team

Mrs J McKendry (Head of Department)
Mrs O. McVey
Mrs C Gibbons
Mr J Kelly
Mr J Slater


Topics Studied
Year 8: Games, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance[girls], and Athletics
Year 9: Games, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance,[girls], and Athletics
Year 10: Games, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance,[girls], and Athletics


GCSE – CCEA 40% Practical, 20% Coursework, 40% Examination
• Concepts of Health, physical fitness and skilled performance
• Lifestyle Choices – Participation factors, Alcohol, Smoking, Diet, Rest and Sleep
• Components of Fitness
• Types of Exercise and Methods of Training
• Principles for developing physical well-being and physical fitness
• Monitoring the development of physical health and peak physical performance
• The effects of exercise and training and physical activity on the body
• Health and safety issues
• Exercise and training sessions
• Exercise and training programmes

A Level

AQA – AS – 40% Practical, 60% Examination
A2 – 40% Practical, 60% Examination
Applied Exercise Physiology
Applied Exercise Physiology in Practical Situations
Skill Acquisition
Skill Acquisition in Practical Situations
Opportunities for Participation

• Ability as a performer, official or leader in two activities

Applied Physiology to optimise Performance
Mechanics of Movement
Psychological aspects that optimise Performance
Evaluating contemporary influences

• The ability to perform and analyse relevant core skills/techniques as a performer, official or leader/coach within a fully competitive situation
• The ability to analyse and critically evaluate their own/others’ areas of performance where they could improve within a fully competitive/equivalent situation in relation to an elite level performer.
• Their ability to identify theoretical causes for weaknesses in performance and suggest appropriate corrective practices to optimise performance.

Department News/Events

Fitness Testing ongoing for all classes. Rise to the challenge and improve your fitness for mid-term assessment

Educational Visits/Trips

Junior Ski Trip – Prato Nevoso, Italy – 14th-21st March 2015


Paul Rouse – UUJ Elite Athlete Scheme advisor
Shane McCann – Ulster Council GAA coach