Media Studies

Subject Team

Mr S O’Neill
Mr K Maynes


Media Studies looks at all modern forms of communication from magazines and newspapers to television and film and right up to new trends in computer gaming and the internet. It is about examining the effect the media has on our everyday lives and also gives students the chance to create their own media productions.

Paper 1 (50%)
This is a case study on a pre-determined topic. The paper is distributed to students at the start of May and the teacher investigates the topic with the students. Students prepare their answers to the questions in advance. Previous topics have been pop music, comics and situation comedy. There are two theoretical questions about the chosen topic and two production questions which allow students to showcase their creativity and imagination.

Paper 2 (50%)
Coursework – This involves three research essays on topics like film genres, reality television magazines etc. There are also three creative assignments linked to these. Students also make their own video production on a topic of their choice.

A Level

AS Media Studies investigates the media in order to reach an understanding and an evaluation of how meanings and responses are created by media texts. Television, film, computer games and the internet are studied in terms of platform, products and new technologies. Students also learn how to create their own media productions.

A2 Media studies build on the knowledge that students have acquired at AS by requiring that they study and engage with issues and debates taking place about the dynamic relationship between media and society. In studying the media, students are also studying why media texts are constructed and consumed in particular ways by audiences such as themselves.

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