Subject Team

Mr C. Wray (Head of Department)
Mr F Quinn (Assistant Head of Department – responsible for KS3)
Mrs J. Barker
Mrs L. Callaghan
Mrs C Mackle
Mr S Knipe
Mrs M. McKernan
Mr S. Boyle
Mr O. Gribbin
Mr C. Gourley (KS3 Maths only)
Mr D. Mulgrew (KS3 Maths only)
Ms L. Barker (KS3 Maths only)


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GCSE Mathematics

Exam Board: CCEA

All students sit Higher level maths with them sitting either the T3 or T4 module along with the T6 completion paper.

T3 topics include: scatter graphs, calculating averages, cumulative frequency, percentages, solving equations, bearings, Pythagoras and trigonometry, coordinate geometry and calculating lengths of arcs and areas of sectors;

T4 topics include all in T3 along with histograms, direct and inverse proportion, sampling, circle theorems, solving one linear and one quadratic simultaneous equations, quadratic factorizing, sine and cosine rules, indices, algebraic fractions and solving equations with algebraic fractions and three dimensional Pythagoras and trigonometry;

T6 is split into two papers – Paper 1 is non-calculator with Paper 2 a calculator paper.
T6 topics include: standard form, transformations, substitution into formulae, rearranging formulae, similarity, inequalities, dimensions, drawing and interpreting real life graphs, areas and volumes of shapes, probability, constructions and loci, estimation of calculations, recurring decimals, surds and algebraic proof.

GCSE Further Mathematics

Exam Board: CCEA

Further Mathematics extends mathematical knowledge and skills beyond GCSE Higher and provides an excellent preparation for AS Mathematics.

Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics
This paper covers topics such as
Algebra (including solving equations in 2 or 3 unknowns), Matrices, Logarithms, Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration and Vectors.

Paper 2 – Mechanics and Statistics
Mechanics relates to work studied in other subjects such as science. It covers topics such as Newton’s Laws, Moments, Friction and Velocity/time graphs.
Statistics relates to how we collect and interpret data. It covers topics such as calculating averages and standard deviation, Spearman’s rank and probability.

A Level

A Level Mathematics

Exam Board: CCEA

At AS Level – students study modules C1, C2 and M1.
C1 – Pure Maths
This module revises a lot of the work studied in Year 12 Further Maths.
Topics covered are: Indices and Surds, Quadratic Functions and Simultaneous Equations, Algebraic Manipulation, Graphs and Curve Sketching, Co-Ordinate Geometry and Differentiation;
C2 – Pure Maths
This module covers the topics studied in C1 in more detail and additional topics of pure maths are introduced.
Topics covered are: Equation of a Circle, Sequences and Series, Further Trigonometry, Logarithms and Integration;
M1 – Mechanics
This module revises some of the work covered in Year 12 Further Maths.
Topics covered are: Displacement/Velocity time graphs, Kinematics, Magnitude/Direction of a Vector, Friction, Equilibrium of a Particle, Moments, Newton’s Laws of Motion and Impulse/Momentum;

At A2 Level, students study modules C3, C4 and S1.
C3 – Pure Maths
Topics covered are: Partial Fractions, Modulus Function, Further Graphical Transformations, Parametric Equations, Further Binomial series, Further Trigonometric Identities, The Exponential Function and Natural Logarithm Function, Further Differentiation and Numerical Methods including Simpson’s Rule and Newton Raphson;
C4 – Pure Maths
Topics covered are: Function theory, Further Trigonometric Identities including Double Angle Formulae, Implicit and Parametric Differentiation, Forming and solving Differential Equations, Methods of Integration and Vector Theory;
S1 – Statistics
This module revises some of the work covered in Year 12 Further Maths.
Topics covered are: Collection/Ordering/Presentation of Data, Measures of Central Tendency and Spread, Probability, Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Normal Distribution and Continuous Probability Distributions;

There is also an option to study AS Further Mathematics where students can further their A2 Maths content and study modules FP1, FP2 and M2.
FP1 – Further Pure Maths
Topics covered are: Matrices, Linear Mappings, Determinants, Eigen Values, Binary Operations and Groups, Further Geometry of a Circle and Complex Numbers;
FP2 – Further Pure Maths
Topics covered are: Further Partial Fractions, Summation of a finite Series, Proof by induction, General Solution of Trigonometric Equations, Coordinate Geometry of a Parabola, De Moivre’s Theorem, Analytical Solution of Differential Equations and Maclaurin’s Theorem;
M2 – Mechanics
Topics covered are: Vectors in Three Dimensions, Integration/Differentiation of Vectors, Variable Acceleration, Projectiles, Uniform Motion in a Circle, Potential/Kinetic Energy, Work Done and Power;

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