Subject Team

Mrs L McCann
Mr K Collins
Mrs K Mullan


Exam Board: CCEA

Unit 1 – Local & Global Citizenship
Diversity and Inclusion, Rights and Responsibilities, The Role of Society and Government in safeguarding Human Rights, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), Key Democratic Institutions and their role in promoting inclusion, justice and democracy.

Unit 2 – Personal Development
Health and Well-being, Concept of Self, Developing competence as discerning consumers, Recognising, assessing and managing risk, Healthy Relationships, Understanding the roles and responsibilities of parenting.

Unit 3 – Employability
The impact of Globalisation Employment, Recruitment and Selection practices for employment, Rights and responsibilities for employers and employees. Issues of self-employment and sources of support, Maintaining an effective working environment, Investigate the increasing social responsibility of business in the community.

Unit 4 – Applying Learning for Life and Work
Controlled Assessment Task 1 – Personal Development topic
Controlled Assessmet Task 2 – Employability topic

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