Subject Team

Mrs M. Coyle (Head of Department)
Mrs K. Boyle
Mrs B. Devlin
Mr P. Ferran
Mr P. Herron
Ms C. McAtasney


All KS3 students in St. Patrick’s Academy study Irish with the aim of developing an awareness of the cultural background of Ireland and helping them to communicate in a confident, clear and effective way for a range of purposes.

Topics Studied

Year 8: Background, place-names, months, seasons, time, weather, festivals, family, classroom objects and tense work (past).
Year 9: Holidays, Gaeltacht, food, prices, hobbies, feelings, body, school subjects and tense work (future).
Year 10: School life, activities, teenage life, fáinne preparation, house and tense work (present).


Exam Board: CCEA

Context 1:The Individual
•Myself, Family and Friends
•Your Local Environment
•Daily Routine and Leisure Activities
•Health and Lifestyle

Context 2: Citizenship
•Social Problems and Equality
•Travel and Tourism
•Local Environment
•Media and Communications
•Celebrations, Festivals and Customs
•An Ghaeltacht

Context 3: Employability
•School Life
•Part-time Jobs
•Future Plans

A Level

Exam Board: CCEA

Context 1: Relationships (AS)
•Family structures
•Roles and Responsibilities within Families
•Pressures on Families
•Working parents
•Generational issues
•Gender roles in society
•Young people and their problems in society

Context 2: Health and Lifestyle (AS)
•Physical well-being
•Personal responsibility
•Consequences of risk-taking behaviour – smoking, alcohol and drugs
•Mental well-being – dealing with stress
•Interests and entertainment
•Benefits of hobbies
•Impact of travel on the individual and on society

Context 3:Young People in Society (AS)
•Influences on young people
•Popular culture and media- TV, cinema, magazines, music, press, advertising
•Cultural identity
•School life – pressures and challenges
•Career planning – aspirations and intentions
•Understanding the education system

Context 4: Local and Global Citizenship (A2)
•Equality and inequality
•Discrimination and prejudice
•Poverty – causes and consequences
•Multicultural society – challenges and pressures
•Understanding cultural differences
•Causes and consequences of conflict

Context 5: Environmental Awareness (A2)
•Types of conservation
•Pollution and waste
•Alternative and renewable energy sources
•Causes and consequences of climate change
•Role of governments in protecting the environment
•Personal responsibility

Subject News/Events


Feis Dhún Geanainn – Years 8-14

Feis an Oileáin agus na Cluaine – Years 8-14

Christmas Table quiz – Year 9

‘Abair’ Gael Linn – Years 11-14

‘Tráth na gCeist’ Gael Linn – Year 10 and Year 12

Annual ‘Gradaim na Gaeilge’ – Year 10

‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ competitions through Conradh na Gaeilge – Years 8-14

Eu competition ‘Juvenes Translatores’ -Years 13/14

Outstanding exam results August 2014:

100% pass rate for GCSE (Grades A* – C)

100% pass rate for A level (Grades A* – B)

Sean O’Neill achieved 2nd place in Northern Ireland

Educational Visits/Trips

Year 8 achievment trip to Rathlin Island

Irish Christmas Pantomime

Cultural visit to Newgrange – senior Irish students (every 3 years)

AS Revision Day in the University of Ulster

A2 Revision Day in the University of Ulster


Gael Linn

Conradh na Gaeilge

Comhairle na Gaelscolaíochta

Media – TG4, Raidió Uladh, Raidió na Gaeltachta, Irish Times, Irish News, Nuacht 24….

Career talks from past pupils