Subject Team

Mr P. McCormick (Head of Department)
Mr R. Campbell (KS3)
Mrs K Devlin (KS3/4 and Post 16)
Mr J Heatley (KS3/4)
Mrs L King (KS3)
Mrs L McCann (KS3)
Miss C McMullan (KS3/4 and Post 16)
Mrs G Quinn (KS3/4 and Post 16)


Topics Studied

Year 8: Introduction to History at KS3, The Norman Conquest in England and Ireland, Castles, Life in Medieval Times, The Norman Legacy.

Year 9: Europe in the 16th Century, The Renaissance, Voyages of Exploration, The Reformation in England, The Spanish Armada, Plantations in Ireland, Slavery in the New World, The Titanic and Growth of Industrial Belfast.

Year 10: World War One, Ireland between 1912 – 23, Civil Rights in the USA, The Story of European Jews between 1933 – 45.


CCEA Exam Board

Topics Studied; The USA between 1918 and 1941, Northern Ireland between 1965 and 1985, The Cold War 1945 – 1991.

A Level

CCEA Exam Board.

Topics Studied;
Year 13 – Germany 1918 – 1945, Russia 1903 – 1941.
Year 14 – The Clash of Ideologies 1900 – 2000, Ireland 1900 – 1925.

Subject News/Events

Since 2009, Year 13 and 14 students have been involved in a collaborative project with the History Department of the Royal School Dungannon, investigating our shared history in Ireland in the early twentieth century.

Educational Visits/Trips

Each year, students from across all the key stages have the opportunity to participate in the annual history trip abroad.
Past destinations have included the USA, China, Russia, Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
In April 2015 we are visiting Berlin and Munich.

Local Trips:
Year 8 students visit Carrickfergus Castle.
Year 9 students visit Titanic Belfast
Year 12 students undertake a political tour of Belfast.

In 2013, Year 14 students went in a joint history trip with Royal School Dungannon to the WW1 battlefields in France and Belgium.


The History Department at St. Patrick’s Academy work closely with the Ranfurly Arts and Visitors Centre as a venue for major historical events and historical enquiry for Year 9 students.
We work closely with Dungannon Borough Council in the participation and promotion of projects such as ‘Peace III’.
We regularly host guest speakers from our local universities and are building a network of alumni to come back to the Academy to inform our current students of the benefits of learning history in preparation for life after school.