Subject Team

Ms Shannon (Head of Department)
Mrs Delaney
Mrs Gibbons
Mrs Lyttle
Mrs Mc Elroy


Topics Studied

Year 8:
What is Geography, OS map skills, Kenya, Weather and Settlement

Year 9: Weathering and Erosion, Rivers and Coasts, Population and Rocks.

Year 10: Tourism, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Careers, Tropical Rainforest and Development.


CCEA Geography.

Physical Geography
Paper worth 37.5%
Covers 3 themes but theme A is worth the most marks.

Theme A
Dynamic Landscape (Rivers and Coasts)
(50% of paper)

Theme B
Our Changing Weather and Climate.
(25% of the paper)

Theme C
The Restless Earth.
(25% of the paper)

Human Geography
Paper worth 37.5%
Summer 2014

Covers 3 themes but theme A is worth the most marks

Theme A
People and Where They Live.
(50% of paper)

Theme B
Contrasts in World Development.
(25% of the paper)

Theme C
Managing Our Resources
(25% of the paper)

Controlled Assessment.
River study
Term 3 in year 11.
This takes approximately 2 months to complete.
Worth 25% of final mark.

A Level

CCEA AS Geography

Human Geography including skills and techniques.
(50% of AS and 25% of A2).
Topics covered: Population, Settlement and Development.
Exam will include questions to test skills eg graph work.

Physical Geography including fieldwork.
(50% of AS and 25% of A2)
Topics covered: Rivers, Ecosystems and Atmosphere.
Exam will include questions on fieldwork.

CCEA A2 Geography

Human Geography and Global Issues. (25 % of A2).
Topics covered: Impact of population change and Planning for Sustainable Settlements.
Global Issue- Tourism.

Physical Geography including the decision making question. (25 % of A2).
Topics covered: Rivers and Coasts, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
Decision making exercise .

There is no coursework for A’Level Geography.

Department News/Events

River Study for AS level in term 1.

Educational Trips/Visits

We go on a river study in Yr 11 and Yr13. We have had trips to Italy and Iceland in recent years.


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