Subject Team

Mrs Evelyn Black (Head of Department)
Miss Laura Barker
Mrs Ann Marie Lilleker
Miss Joan Mc Elroy
Mr Raymond Mc Kearney


Exam board: CCEA Double Award
Topics Studied
Year 11: Hazard Symbols, Elements, compounds and mixtures, Periodic Table, Water, Solubility and Solubility curves, Atomic Structure, Bonding Structures, Equations, Acids, Bases and Salts and Electrolysis.
Year 12: Reactivity Series, Rusting, Oxidation and Reduction, Hard and Soft water, Quantitative Chemistry, Rates of Reaction, Energetics, Testing for Non-metal and Non-metal Compounds, Hydrogen, Carbon and Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Ammonia, Oxygen, Sulphur and Organic Chemistry

A Level

Exam Board: CCEA
Topics Studied:
AS: Formuale, equations, moles and titrations, Atomic Structure, Bonding and structure, Redox and Group 7, Shapes of molecules and ions, Intermolecular forces, Periodic table, Formulae and amounts of substances, Nomenclature and isomerism in organic compounds, Alkanes, alkenes and alcohols, Energetics, Infra red spectroscopy, Qualitative analysis, Equilibrium and Kinetics

A2: Lattice Enthalpy, Enthalpy, Entropy and free energy, Isomerism, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acid- Base Equilibria, Esters, fats and oils, Periodic Trends, Environmental Chemistry, Mass spectrometry/ NMR, Volumetric Analysis, Arenes/Amines/Amides, Colorimetry, Chromatography, Amino Acids, Polymer Chemistry, Transition metals: (properties, complexes,oxidation states, catalytic behaviour, applications), Electrode Potentials


Students in Year 13 take part in a workshop, ‘ Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’ which is delivered by Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Faculty from QUB

Subject News/Events

Primary STEM Days

Year 13 Chemistry students are involved in the delivery of various activities which include soap making and Tower building with jelly babies and spaghetti.

    45th International Chemistry Olympiad
    Lorcan Conlon, Diarmuid corr, Rebecca Mc Ivor, Sean O’Neill, Marcus Mulgrew, Sean Mc Girr and Emily Mc Ilvanna.
    These students were awarded certificates in recognition of their participation in this prestigious event. They were required to sit a two hour exam which assessed their knowledge and understanding of A Level topics and some aspects of further chemistry. Lorcan received a Gold Award. Diarmuid, Rebecca and Sean O’Neill received Bronze Awards.

    The Stem Bus
    Year 11 Students take part in a Forensics Workshop which is provided by the STEM bus. This provides students with an insight into ‘CSI Dungannon’.

Educational Visits/Trips


Year 13 students are provided with a fantastic opportunity to visit or complete work placements in ALMAC. This allows students to see for themselves what it is really like to work in an exciting industrial scientific environment.

Some potential Doctors and Dentists have taken part in a placement in Tanzania. Students attended global health tutorials which was run by local doctors and health care professionals.


•Spectroscopy in a suitcase:

Pictured is past pupil Emma McCann who completed a Masters in Chemistry at QUB. Delivered the ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’ workshop to all Year 13 chemistry students.

    •Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Careers Talk