Business Studies

Subject Team

Mr J McGee (Head of Department)
Mr R Campbell
Mrs R Conroy
Mrs A Farrell


Five topic areas: Business Aims, Types and Organisation, Human Resources, Production, Marketing and Finance and Accounting.

The subject is an enjoyable introduction to the complexities of the business world and is a good basis for pupils wishing to continue the subject to a higher level. There is a large practical element to the course with students being required to give presentations and produce reports using ICT. Business Studies is a “living” subject and pupils will have an opportunity to consider many of the economic issues (use of scarce resources, growth of big business, fair employment etc.) facing our economy.

A level

At AS Level, pupils are introduced to the challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning. They then explore the key internal functions of business and how the management of these functions can assist in improving the effectiveness and performance of a business.

Topics studied:
Starting a Business -The challenges and issues of starting a business; enterprise and entrepreneurs. Financial Planning -Key financial concepts needed to start a business including sources of start up finance, planning cash flow, contribution and break even.
People – Communication, motivation, recruitment and HR planning.
Operations Management – adding value, quality and customer service;
Finance – improving cash flow, measuring profit and improving profitability.
Marketing and Competition- planning, 4 ‘P’s and analysing the competitive environment.
Functional Objectives and Strategies
Financial Strategies and Accounts – Financial objectives, balance sheets, income statements, ratio analysis, financial strategies, Investment Appraisal
Marketing Strategies – Marketing objectives, market analysis, marketing strategies, marketing plans
Operational Strategies – Operational objectives, economies of scale, innovation, location, lean production
Human Resource Strategies – HR objectives, workforce plans, organisational structures, employee/employer relations
Corporate Aims and Objectives
Assessing changes in the Business Environment – Macroeconomics,
Government and legislation, social environment and ethics, technological change, competitive environment
Managing Change – Causes of change, planning for change, leadership, culture, decision-making

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