Subject Team

Mrs Y McArdle (Head of Department)
Mrs C Cullen (Head of year 13)
Mrs A Devlin (Senior teacher)
Mrs H Guilfoyle (Health Education Coordinator)
Mrs M Rafferty
Mr A Carragher


Topics Studied
Year 8: Cells, tissues, organs; Human reproduction
Year 9: Diet & Digestion; Microbes & Disease
Year 10: Plant Biology; Environment


Exam board: CCEA
Topics Studied
Year 11: Photosynthesis: Nutrition & Health; Digestion & Enzymes: Respiration; Nervous System & Hormones: Ecology, Classification & Biodiversity
Year 12
Osmosis & Plant transport; Circulatory system; Microbes & Disease; Drugs; Genetics; Variation & Applied genetics; Reproduction & fertility

A Level

Exam Board: CCEA
Topics Studied:
AS:1 module: Cell Ultrastructure & Physiology; Biochemistry; Enzymes; Cell cycle; DNA technology; Tissues & Organs;
AS:2 module: Principles of exchange & transport; Circulatory system; Transport in Plants; Adaptations of organisms; Biodiversity & Classification
A2:1 module: Homeostasis; Nervous system; Immunity; Coordination in plants; Ecology
A2:2 module: Statistics; Respiration; Photosynthesis; Genetics; DNA technology; Classification

Subject News/Events

QUB Bioscience Olympiad September 14

Educational Visits/Trips

Forthcoming AS Biology fieldtrip – March 2015

2014 trip


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