Learning Support

Years 8,9,10 Focused Learning Support post June 2018 exams

We are offering an opportunity for teacher-led and independent revision sessions in core skill areas in English, Maths and Science to enable your child to be successful in a re-sit examination on Thursday 22nd/Friday 23rd June; successful completion of this will inform the need for placement on the Summer Improvement Programme.

Inclusion  : ‘To treat everyone the same, we must treat them differently’ Helen Keller

Our school aims and ethos emphasise the importance of inclusion. Many children at some time face barriers to learning. We adopt a whole school approach towards the early identification of and provision for those children who are facing such barriers. Parents can obtain a copy of the Special Educational Needs Policy by contacting the school office. The policy contains information on the role of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and the internal and external provision available to pupils with special educational needs, in accordance with each stage of the Northern Ireland Code of Practice.

Year 11 –  Learning Support post June 2018 exams

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Student Mentoring

What is the Student Mentoring Scheme?

The Student Mentoring Scheme is in place to provide assistance to students who would benefit from a bit of extra support in their learning and development, through the provision of encouraging and motivating activities outside the classroom it is currently available across a range of subjects, such as Science, Mathematics, French and English.

How are the Mentors Chosen?

The Mentors, who are Yr13 & Yr14 students, are interviewed by staff to assess their enthusiasm for the role and the skills which they will bring. The successful students go on a short training programme before being assigned the students who require their help. They will mentor students from Yr. 8 -12.

What’s the commitment?

Student mentors normally meet their mentees once a week for around 1hr – 1hr 30 mins. The programme normally runs for about 6 weeks and our statistics show that all the students who have participated in the Student Mentoring Programme have improved their performance in a significant way.  See the comments below.

Yr. 12 Student evaluation of the mentoring sessions

“From participating in this scheme I did became more confident and my overall marks improved. The mentoring was good craic and we got the work done, so I didn’t mind staying behind for it.”

Yr. 14 Mentor evaluation of the mentoring sessions

“My time spent tutoring as a maths mentor has been very enjoyable. Last year I tutored a Year 9 pupil preparing them for the jump to GCSE level, and this year I was able to further this by teaching a fifth year student in preparation for her actual GCSE maths exams. We worked every week on a new topic and I was able to use the stationery provided to make up note cards. This meant I was able to leave the student with a copy of the structure I had taught them, that they could then refer back to whenever I was no longer there to assist her. I got a real sense of fulfilment from the experience and hope that I have been able to use my own skills in mathematics to help a younger student reach a stage where they will be able to do the same someday.”