KS3 curriculum

All students in Years 8, 9 and 10 follow a common curriculum. There are no optional subjects. The subjects taught are: art & design, careers education, drama, English, French, geography, home economics, history, Irish, mathematics, music, PE, religious education, science, technology.

All students follow a course in LLW (Learning for Life and Work), which is comprised of separate modules in citizenship, employability and personal development. Modules are delivered throughout Years 8, 9 and 10.
Time allocations reflect the grammar school ethos as well as our commitment to providing a sound foundation for GCSE and to providing each young person with a well balanced and enjoyable educational experience.

Choosing your GCSE subjects

Click this link to find the option blocks for choosing your GCSE subjects. The form can be downloaded from this page.

Download Preliminary GCSE subject choice form (2016-2017)

For information on each these subjects, click here:

Year 10 Subject Options

Key Stage 4:

The school currently offers the following subjects for GCSE: additional mathematics, applied engineering, art & design, business studies, computing, drama, English Language, English Literature, French, geography, history, home economics, ICT, Irish, Italian, journalism, learning for life & work, mathematics, media studies, music, physical education, religious education, double award science, Spanish, technology.

The majority of our students take ten subjects to GCSE but there are opportunities for students to take eleven or more subjects.

Religious education and English are taught in form class groups. Mathematics is taught in streamed classes.
Science classes are taught in smaller groups. As a grammar school we continue to place a strong emphasis on academic rigour and on preparing our students for quality university courses. Consequently, we will continue to expect all students to study English Literature, sciences and at least one modern language to GCSE.

All non-compulsory GCSE subjects are arranged into option groups so as to enable each student to take two specialist subjects.

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