Gifted & Talented


Gifted and Talented students are encouraged to make the most of their abilities by choosing to study additional GCSEs and ‘A’ Levels and taking part in higher level activities and competitions while those who may be underachieving are given additional support so that all pupils can reach their full potential.

The ‘Broadening Horizons’ programme is aimed at helping students to think beyond the boundaries of their curricular experience, raise their expectations and begin to develop the skills of argument and critical thinking through a range of activities.

Students learn the skill of critical thinking, and how to strip an argument to its core principles. They practise these skills through discussion, presentation and debate. They each keep a ‘super curricular’ journal and are given access to intellectually robust reading material. They use this journal to record information that they find stimulating. They may use this information to prompt group discussion, or as preparation for an interview for their chosen university course. Students will be given the opportunity to find out about prestigious universities through a number of trips and visits. Students will learn interview skills and participate in mock interviews.

The school offers a Mandarin after school class for pupils across all year groups with an interest in the language.  The course runs over a number of weeks in the summer term and students are prepared pupils to sit the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) level 1 exam. To date we have enjoyed a 100% success rate in this exam.

We work in conjunction with South Tyrone College (the hub school), the University of Ulster and Hanban (a Chinese government department) to provide Chinese teachers to schools in our Learning Area.