Interview Skills Evening (Year 13)

Our Interview Skills Evening will be held for all members of Year 13 in the school assembly hall at 6.30pm-8.30pm on Thursday 7th February. Students will experience a formal interview along with the chance to converse with professionals from a wide range of employment sectors. Attendance is compulsory and school uniform should be worn.

Following appropriate preparation in careers lessons, pupils will be interviewed by a member of staff, school governor or local employer on some of the following:

  •  The subjects they are currently studying and skills developed
  • Their extra-curricular involvement and skills developed
  • Third level courses and careers they are interested in
  • Work placements they have completed or plan to complete
  • *Each student will also be given a scenario question.

The purpose of the Interview Skills Evening is two-fold:

  • Preparing Students for Application to Third Level Education and/or Employment

    The above topics have been chosen as they are accessible to all students and
    encompass the kind of information required for effective university applications and
    interviews. In our experience, Self-motivation, focus and application to careers – related tasks in
    Year 13 makes a huge difference to students going through the university application
    process at the beginning of their final year. It is hoped that preparing for interview will provide many students with the impetus to research third level choices and organise relevant work experience without procrastination.
  • Practising Interview Skills

    With competition for university places increasing, many third-level providers are choosing to interview students as part of their selection process. We therefore feel it is appropriate that all our students are given the opportunity to experience a formal interview. Students will be prepared for the interview process in careers lessons and, on the night, will receive feedback both on the quality of their answers and on other features of their performance such as presentation, interpersonal skills and verbal fluency. Students should wear their school uniform. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the evening. Interviewers will be available after 8.30pm to answer questions and chat informally with students. Students are encouraged to remain in school after their interview to avail of this opportunity and parents are very welcome to drop in at this point.