GCSE Prize-Giving 2017

Thanks to everyone who took part in our wonderful  celebration of GCSE success in the school earlier today.

Achievements such as these do not come lightly and we acknowledge  everyone in our learning community who has played their part in helping

deliver such positive outcomes.  We thank above all the students themselves who have made the very most of the opportunities available

to them in the Academy during the past five years  and we wish them every continued success in meeting the  new challenges of life in the Sixth Form.


Students who achieved 7 or more A/A* grades:

Mark Campbell (3A*/4A Grades), Clare Curran (1A*/6A Grades), Katie Fullen (2A*/5A Grades), Orlagh Gavin (1A*/6A Grades), Aimee Gray (1A*/6A Grades),

Maria Grimley (1A*/6A Grades), Ronan Hanna (7A Grades), Odhran Kelly (2A*/5A Grades), Brenna Mallon (7A Grades), Conal Maneely (7A Grades), Odhran McKenna (2A*/5A Grades),

Aaron Monaghan (2A*/5A Grades), Meabh O’Neill (7A Grades), Micheal O’Neill (7A Grades), Cassie Quinn-McAvoy (1A*/6A Grades),

Maebh Sherry (1A*/6A Grades), Adam Teague (3A*/4A Grades); pictured with Mrs McMahon Vice-Principal.

The following students obtained 8 A/A8 grades:

Christopher Cassidy (5A*/3A Grades), Fergal Goan (8A Grades), Grace Gribbin (1A*/7A Grades), Sean McGeary (3A*/5A Grades),

Finn McKeever (4A*/4A Grades), James O’Neill (4A*/4A Grades),  Keela O’Neill abs (3A*/5A Grades),

Aimee Connolly (2A*/6A Grades), Aoife Devlin (8A Grades),

Ronan Duffin (2A*/6A Grades), Matthew McCusker (3A*/5A Grades), Amy McVeigh (1A*/7A Grades),

Ellen Mockford (2A*/6A Grades), Conor Quinn (2A*/6A Grades), Lara Symington (2A*/6A Grades);

Pictured with Mr Peter Herron, Head of Year 12.

The following students obtained 9 A/A* grades and share the Powerscreen International Cup:

Alice Bonsall (3A*/6A Grades), Caitlin Brady (1A*/8A Grades), Anton Corr (5A*/4A Grades), Shannon Doyle                (4A*/5A Grades), Alana Gallagher (3A*/6A Grades),

Thomas Heenan (abs) 3A*/6A Grades, Anna Jonak (4A*/5A Grades), Ann Jo Kernan (6A*/3A Grades), Lorcan Kilpatrick (9A Grades), Xing McCoy Rock (3A*/6A Grades),

Sarah Quigley (4A*/5A Grades), Cora Sheeran (4A*/5A Grades), Julie Conway    (6A*/3A Grades), Christie McCann (5A*/4A Grades), Una McGeough (6A*/3A Grades),

Ellie McKeaveney abs (3A*/6A Grades), Aine McNulty (1A*/8A Grades); pictured with Mrs Celine Cullen, Assistant Senior Teacher KS5.

The following students obtained 10 A/A* grades and share the Fr James Devlin Cup:

Emma Conlon (1A*/9A Grades), Gemma Devlin (2A*/8A Grades), Blanaid Kennedy (9A*/1A Grades), Caoimhe McKeown (6A*/4A Grade), Nicole Morgan (6A*/4A Grades),

Aoibhínn O’Neill (6A*/4A Grades), Stephanie Pollard (4A*/6A Grades), Ciara Quinn     (4A*/6A Grades), Zuzanna Baran (6A*/4A Grades), Padraig Hamill (5A*/5A Grades),

Hannah Hughes (8A*/2A Grades), Aoibhe Shields (8A*/2A Grades), Ailise Wylie (8A*/2A Grades); pictured with Mr Joe Donnelly Vice-Principal.

The following students each obtained 10 A/A* grades:

Aoife Corr, Hannah McGrath and Ruby O’Donnnell and are pictured with Vice-Principal Mr Joe Donnelly


Sports Girl and Boy of the Year:

Aine McNulty and Matthew McCusker

The following students  all received awards for five years full attendance:

Aine McNulty, Aoife Devlin, Conor Quinn, Dylan Colton, Liam Lyons, Philip Gervin, Sarah Kilpatrick, Una McGeough & Cora Sheeran

pictured with Miss Joan McElroy.

 The following students achieved full attendance at Key Stage 4 pictured with Mrs Anne McElroy (Assistant Senior Teacher).
Páuric Kerr and Ruby O’Donnell

The following students achieved first place in  GCSE subject(s):
Ailise Wylie 1st in Computer Science
Aimee Connolly 1st in Religious Education – The Cosgrove Award (shared)
Amy McVeigh 1st in Music
Anna Campbell 1st in LLW (shared)
1st in Religious Education – The Cosgrove Award (shared)
Aoibhe Shields 1st in Irish – Corn Mhic Giolla Chomaill for Excellence in Written Irish
1st in Northern Ireland in Irish (shared)
1st in Religious Education – The Cosgrove Award (shared)
1st in Northern Ireland in Religious Education
Aoife Corr 1st in Double Award Science
1st in French
1st in Geography
1st in Technology and Design – The Darragh Coary Award
3rd in Northern Ireland in Technology and Design
Top Science Student – Award sponsored by Ulster University
Christie McCann 1st in Art and Design – The Seamus Keenan Award
Ellen Mockford 1st in Drama
Ellie McKeaveney 1st in English
Hannah Hughes 1st in Home Economics
3rd in Northern Ireland in Home Economics
1st in LLW (shared)
Hannah McGrath 1st in Further Mathematics – The Mary Rafferty Cup
1st in ICT
1st in Religious Education – The Cosgrove Award (shared)
1st in English Literature – The Marian O’Neill Award for Excellence in English Literature
 1st in History
Julie Conway 1st in Religious Education – The Cosgrove Award (shared)


Matthew McCusker 1st in Physical Education
Padraig Hamill 1st in Media Studies
Ronan Duffin 1st in Business Studies
Ruby O’Donnell 1st in Mathematics – The Angela Donnelly Award for Excellence in Mathematics
Una McGeough 1st in Northern Ireland in Spanish
1st in Spanish
Zuzanna Baran 1st in Engineering – The Mallaghan Award

The following students achieved top rankings in Northern Ireland with the CCEA Examination Board:

Hannah Hughes- Home Economics, GCSE Level, 3rd Place with teacher Mrs Joanne Maguire

Aoibhe Shields- Irish, GCSE Level, Joint 1st Place with teacher Mrs Ciara Connolly

Aoibhe Shields- Religious Studies, GCSE Level, 1st Place with teacher Mrs Katharine Mullin

Una McGeough- Spanish, GCSE Level, 1st Place, teacher Seanna Corr (ABS from photo & from St. Patrick’s College)

Aoife Corr- Technology & Design, GCSE Level, 3rd Place with teacher Mr Sean Knipe

The following students received Special Awards:
Rebecca Walton The University of Aberdeen Prize
Una McGeough The Michaela McAreavey Award
Lara Symington Musician of the Year
Conor Quinn Top Fundraiser
Clara Rice Most improved Mathematics Student  – The Marius McBrien Award (shared)
Diarmuid Fox Most improved Mathematics Student  – The Marius McBrien Award (shared)
Padraig Hamill The Martin O’Brien Award for Excellence in spoken English

The following students were awarded the Corn Mhic an tSagairt Award in Recognition of Contribution to Irish Language and Cultural Activities (shared):
Anna Campbell, Christie McCann & Una McGeough

Top Achievers at GCSE pictured with Academy Principal Mr Fintan Donnelly:
Anna Campbell (9A*/2A Grades) and Rebecca Walton (9A*/2A Grades)