School Partnerships

In St Patrick’s Academy every pupil is encouraged to see him/herself as a valued and active member of the school community, and the wider community both at local and global levels. This is promoted by every teacher in his/her teaching and is reinforced through Citizenship inspired activities and events, form/year assemblies, the peer support system and our pastoral care programme.

Students have also established the POP (Playing Our Part) group which promotes active citizenship both within our school, and wider communities.  Involvement in this extra-curriculum activity, not only helps develop our students as positive contributors to society, but also promotes the development of teambuilding, organisational and cooperative skills.  The most recent award winning project looked at ways of reducing diversity in the local community.


  • Ipad events
  • Teaching Irish in primary schools


In St. Patrick’s Academy, students have the opportunity to find out about the world around them through the International Studies group. This society is available to students at both junior and senior level.

The International Studies group links up with other schools in Europe and beyond. Our current contact schools are in France, England, Wales, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Poland Italy, the Republic of Ireland

Through school-based projects, visits and competitions, the students in this society get a chance to see how Europe works as well as finding out about the lives and experiences of other teenagers throughout the world. In January 2010 a group of Year13 students, having successfully produced the winning poster on raising awareness of social exclusion and poverty, travelled to Strasbourg to visit the European Parliament as part of their enrichment course.

Since September 2011, St. Patrick’s Academy has been involved in the international Comenius project, which aims to explore and celebrate diversity in Europe and deepen our students’ understanding of the cultures of many different European countries.  In one of our past Comenius projects, which ran from September 2012 until June 2014, we endeavoured to find the world’s eighth wonder through a diverse array of tasks as well as visiting our partner schools.  In 2012-3 students from Year 13 visited schools in Poland, Spain and Turkey.  In October 2013, 33 guests from our four partner schools/countries spent a week in Northern Ireland, visiting our top tourist attractions and enjoying the very best of Irish hospitality.