Careers Information

We believe that it takes more than good grades to achieve success in life and we believe that through our tailored careers programme, we can help students develop the knowledge, skills, qualities and attitudes that will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and work in a rapidly changing economic environment.

UCAS Induction Day

Friday 31st August: Year 14 students had the opportunity to make an early start on their UCAS form through focused, teacher-led sessions. Separate sessions were made available to early applicants.

University of Oxford Information Session, Royal School Dungannon

Wednesday 12th September: Pupils from years, 12 13 and 14 interested in studying at Oxbridge had the opportunity to attend a presentation and speak to past pupil, Orlaith Cross, about her experience as a student at Oriel College, Oxford.

University Open Days

Year 14 students attended open days in Ulster University (Tuesday 4th September) and Queen’s University (Thursday 6th September) for a taste of university life and the opportunity to visit faculties and converse with subject tutors and current students. Once back in school, students completed evaluations where they reflected on what they had learned.

Sentinus Presentation on STEM careers and General Employability Skills

Tuesday 2nd October. Pat Jamison from Sentinus NI spoke to year 11 students about STEM careers and essential employability areas including: skills, attitude, determination, presentation, research and personality.

Civilisations Belfast

Friday 5th October. Year 14 student Zuzanna Baran was selected from hundreds of hopefuls to avail of a unique insight into the work of civil engineers hosted by Queen’s University.

Queen’s University Pathway Opportunity Programme, St. Patrick’s College

Monday 8th October. Ted Jensen from Queen’s University spoke to year 13 students about the above programme which opens door for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and helps facilitate their access to third level education.

University of Aberdeen Presentation on University Life and Law at Aberdeen

Mr Roddy Paisley along with colleagues from the University of Aberdeen delivered a presentation to students in year 13 and 14 which focused on the transition to university and on new opportunities available to students interested in studying law.

Work Experience

In St.Patrick’s Academy, we are emphatic in our message to students: relevant and meaningful work experience is what gives students the edge over others when applying to third level institutions.
Increasingly, universities are looking for students with work-related skills that can only be generated outside the classroom. Such is the emphasis placed on readiness for work, that universities are now adapting their own degree courses to contain work-place experience.
A large number of students have already made strides in securing work placements and this term has seen students heading to a wide and interesting selection of workplaces: