Admissions Criteria

We use the Entrance Assessment as part of our selection criteria for admission to Year 8. If you wish your child to attend the Academy, it is important that the PPTC Entrance Assessment is undertaken.


The timetable of events is as follows:


Monday 1st June 2020


Registration packs are available from Assessment Centres or their websites or from the PPTC website (


Friday 16th October 2020Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of completed Registration Forms.


Saturday 30th January 2021  

Entrance Assessment.


Tuesday 2nd February 2021Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of requests to take the Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Saturday 6th February 2021 

Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Thursday 11th February 2021Deadline (2.00 pm) for registering claims for Special Circumstances.


Friday 5th March 2021Results of the Entrance Assessment posted (first class) to children’s homes.


Friday 12th March 2021Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of requests for re-mark of the Entrance Assessment