Admissions Criteria

We use the Entrance Assessment as part of our selection criteria for admission to Year 8. If you wish your child to attend the Academy, it is important that the PPTC Entrance Assessment is undertaken.

Download our Admissions Criteria: St Patrick’s Academy Admissions Criteria 2019-20

Special Circumstances

Following the completion of the Entrance Assessment on 17th November 2018, we have made every effort to ensure that your child was given the best possible opportunity to perform as well as they could in the Entrance Assessment. However, they may have experienced medical or other problems just before or during the Entrance Assessment which were beyond our control. If you believe that your child experienced such difficulties and their performance in the Entrance Assessment may have been affected, you can make a claim for Special Circumstances. You must register your claim at St Patrick’s Academy by 2.00pm on Friday 14th December 2018 and your completed claim should be submitted with the Transfer Form. If you are considering making a claim, please collect a “Claiming Special Circumstances Pack” from any Assessment Centre or download it from the PPTC website ( Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our school.

The most recent versions of documentation related to the transfer process, are downloadable from PPTC. Click here to download the relevant documents. (

And the timetable of events is as follows:


Monday 14th May 2018


Registration packs are available from Assessment Centres or their websites or from the PPTC website (


Friday 21st September 2018 Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of completed Registration Forms.


Saturday 17th November 2018 Entrance Assessment.


Monday 26th November 2018 Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of requests to take the Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Saturday 8th December 2018 Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Friday 14th December 2018 Deadline (2.00 pm) for registering claims for Special Circumstances.


Friday 25th January 2019 Results of the Entrance Assessment posted (first class) to children’s homes.


Friday 8th February 2019 Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of requests for re-mark of the Entrance Assessment