Post Primary Transfer Information

Thank you for your interest in our school.  Please take some time to view the other pages in this website to enjoy a taste of our vibrant Academy community.   We welcome the opportunity to answer your queries, please contact us using this online form or telephone the school –  028 87727400.

Key dates for admission 2022/23

Post Primary Transfer (PPTC) Information

We use the Entrance Assessment as part of our selection criteria for admission to Year 8. If you wish your child to attend the Academy, it is important that the PPTC Entrance Assessment is undertaken.

The timetable of events is as follows:


Tuesday 1st June 2021


Registration packs are available from Assessment Centres or their websites or from the PPTC website (


Friday 24th September 2021Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of completed Registration Forms.


Saturday 13th November 2021 

Entrance Assessment.


Monday 22nd November 2021Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of requests to take the Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Saturday 11th December 2021 

Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Wednesday 15th December 2021Deadline (2.00 pm) for registering claims for Special Circumstances.


Friday 4th February 2022Results of the Entrance Assessment posted (first class) to children’s homes.


Tuesday 22nd February 2022Deadline (2.00 pm) for receipt of requests for re-mark of the Entrance Assessment



 Comments from Year 8 Parents

“My son Darragh started St Patrick’s Academy in September 2013. He was quite anxious about starting his new school, especially as it was a much bigger school than the small country primary school he had attended. On starting he decided to join a class where he knew no one. This was the best decision as he quickly made friends. The support he has received has been unbelievable. His teachers are interested in how he has settled in and how he feels about his new school. I have to say that from my son started the Academy he has changed and is very happy with every aspect of his school day. It was the best decision for him to go to the Academy. I am delighted to see my son so content.”
Yvonne McKernan

 “At the Academy there is great communication between teacher and parents. The staff are always very approachable I feel each teacher tries hard to be sympathetic to each child’s individual needs. My daughter absolutely loves Year 8 and is so enthusiastic when talking about school and what she has learned.  She is constantly challenged and enjoys her success.”
Margaret Donaghy