Mr F Donnelly


  • Mrs M McMahon
    Overall curriculum responsibility for staff development and management of PRSD and Pastoral and disciplinary issues relating to Key Stage 3.
  • Mr J Donnelly
    Overall curriculum responsibility for curriculum development and Pastoral and disciplinary issues relating to Sixth form.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr B Coyle – Teacher cover, Teacher tutor, Internal examinations, Senior prefects
  • Ms B Logan – Responsible for management of school co-ordinators, Cross-curricular Skills, school council
  • Mr M Fahy – Responsible for School Data and Examinations officer.
  • Mrs K Devlin – Responsible for Leading learning.
  • Mrs K Boyle – Responsible for Management of student support services
  • Mr J Kelly – Responsible for curriculum support at Key Stage 3
  • Mrs A McElroy – Responsible for curriculum support at Key Stage 4
  • Mrs D McKernan – Responsible for curriculum support at Sixth form


Mrs J Barker
Mrs E Black
Mr S Boyle
Mrs L Callaghan
Mr R Campbell
Mrs S Canavan
Mr A Carragher
Mrs A Cassidy
Mr M Clements
Mr K Collins
Mrs R Conroy
Mrs M Conway
Mrs M Coyle
Mrs C Cullen
Miss C Daly
Mrs E Delaney
Mrs M Dennehy
Mrs Anna Devlin
Mrs Anne Devlin
Mrs B Devlin
Mrs E Devlin
Mr R Devlin
Miss P Donaghy
Mrs M Duffy
Mrs A Farrell

Mr P Ferran
Mr C Gourley
Mr S Grew
Mr O Gribbin
Mrs H Guilfoyle
Mr P Herron
Miss G Kelly
Ms A Killen
Mrs L King
Mr Seamus Knipe
Mr Sean Knipe
Mrs A M Lilleker
Mrs S Lloyd Evans
Mrs C Mackle
Mrs J Maguire
Mr K Maynes
Mrs Y McArdle
Miss C McAtasney
Mrs L McCann
Mrs S McCarthy
Mr P McCloskey
Mr P McCormick
Miss J McElroy
Mr J McGhee
Mrs F McIlvanna

Mr R McKearney
Mrs J McKendry
Mrs M McKernan
Mrs M McLaughlin
Miss C McMullan
Mr A McParland
Mrs B McVeigh
Mrs O McVey
Mrs A Mitchell
Mrs T Morrison
Mrs K Mullin
Ms S Mullin
Mrs L Murray
Mrs M O’Donnell
Mrs A O’Hare
Mrs L O’Neill
Mr S O’Neill
Mr F Quinn
Mrs G Quinn
Mrs M Rafferty
Mrs U Robinson
Ms U Shannon
Mr M Shields
Mr J Slater
Mrs C Strain
Mr C Wray


Bernie Chesters  Examinations Secretary
Anne Conroy  Executive Officer Finance
Caroline Curran  School Nurse
Orla Devlin  Classroom Assistant
Teresa Doherty  Study Hall Supervisor
Niall Donnelly  Lab Technician
Tracey Ferran  Technology Technician
Michelle Jenkins  Domestic Assistant
Deirdre MacGowan  Study Hall Supervisor
Maria Martin  Personal Assistant
Damian McCaughey  Technology Technician
Imelda McCrory  Library Assistant
Siobhan McNally  Receptionist
Heather Stevenson  Domestic Assistant
Gerard Murray  Study Hall Supervisor
Marian O’Cuinn  Lab Technician
Luke O’Donnell  Groundsman
Mervyn Stewart  Building Supervisor
Mary Thompson  Facilities Manager
Dolores Todd  IT Technician
Beth Toner  Finance Clerk
Denise Warnock  Home Economics Technician
Bernie Conlon  Dining Room Supervisor