School Ethos


Achieving excellence together

School Aims

As members of the school community of St Patrick’s Academy, we will strive to work in harmony to:

  • Nurture our Catholic faith;
  • Celebrate our Irish culture;
  • Appreciate and respect all cultures;
  • Experience a stimulating, challenging curriculum;
  • Establish an ethos of support and encouragement;
  • Respect ourselves, each other and our shared environment;
  • Achieve our full potential;
  • Develop as confident, independent, self-motivated, life-long learners;
  • Work in partnership with parents/guardians;
  • Contribute actively to the wider community.

School Mission Statements:

We believe that we will help our young people to succeed by providing them with opportunities to:

  • Become actively involved in individual and collective worship and in practical Christian living;
  • Experience high-quality, well-resourced teaching;
  • Evaluate their own learning and focus on areas for improvement;
  • Work collaboratively with their teachers and their peers;
  • Participate in a process of personal development;
  • Develop their self-esteem and respect for others;
  • Participate in a rich, diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, cultural, sporting, recreational and environmental;
  • Develop an understanding of society at local, national and global levels;
  • Prepare for the workplace;
  • Develop habits of good attendance and punctuality;
  • Develop their ability to become effective learners through the application of their ICT skills.

In addition:

Emphasising the importance of St. Patrick as the patron of our school, we will endeavour to be:

  • P – Partners in the pursuit of excellence
  • A – Achievers who reach their full potential
  • T – Team workers, who value the contributions of others
  • R – Respecters of human dignity
  • I – Inspirers, who set good example
  • C – Creators of a caring and generous community
  • K – Keepers of the faith and tradition


School Prayer

St Patrick, patron of our school,
Inspire us to bring out the best in everyone.
Encourage us to use our talents to the full.
Help us to respect others as much as we respect ourselves.
Through your intercession,

Religious Education

Catholic schools are called to recognise and respect the uniqueness of all individuals, to enable them to reach their full potential and to help create the world as God intends it to be. (John Paul II).

As a Catholic school, our aim is that the pupils in our care are nurtured in ‘a lived and living’ Faith. We endeavour to provide spiritual nourishment which is meaningful and enhancing in the face of ever-increasing materialism and the erosion of traditional values. The school strives to work in harmony with the Church and with parents to help to create and sustain a vibrant sense of spiritual awareness in our young people. Programmes include promoting active participation in assemblies, collective worship, retreats, fundraising for charity and community work, together with frequent visits from our school chaplain.

RE is taught to all pupils, from Year 8 to Year 14:

  • KS3 pupils follow the Catholic Church’s Fully Alive series, which involves examining a variety of topics, including the Bible, the ministry of Jesus, the Christian Church and morality.
  • Pupils in Years 11 and 12 study AQA’s GCSE specification, which incorporates the study of Roman Catholicism, as well as focusing on Roman Catholicism: Ethics.
  • Students in Years 13 and 14 are given the opportunity to study CCEA’s AS/A level Religious Studies specification. This entails the study of New Testament writings and the development of the Celtic Church during the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries.
  • All Year 13 and 14 students follow a General RE programme. This involves an examination of issues relevant to young people in relation to the Catholic faith and its formation.

The RE Department, Mrs Loretta Murray (Liturgical Services Coordinator), and the Music Department and the school Liturgical Group work collaboratively to provide a variety of liturgical services in keeping with the Church Calendar throughout the school year including:

  • Key Stage 3 Mass/Year Group Masses/ Masses on Holy Days
  • Advent Services
  • Carol Services
  • October Devotions
  • Lenten Devotions
  • Penitential Services
  • Special Prayer Services throughout the Liturgical Year

The school oratory, assembly halls and St Patrick’s Church are the venues for most of these services.