A Level and GCSE Results 2021

A Level and GCSE Results 2021

At St Patrick’s Academy, a generation of young people that has shown both fortitude and resourcefulness has been justly rewarded in this year’s A Level and GCSE results.

The principal commented that “In the Academy we wanted to ensure that extraordinary circumstances of the past 18 months would not be allowed to curtail the achievement or the long-term opportunities for our students and by setting a series of well-structured assessments between march and may last term, our students have had the opportunity to be their best.  They have worked assiduously and earned every grade awarded and I commend them for their stoicism and endeavour.

This means that not only do they leave the Academy with excellent grades but they are also well prepared for the third level courses that they are about to embark on. We congratulate all of our pupils and it is pleasing to see so many of our leavers placed in their first choice courses in what has been an exceptionally competitive process this year.

All aspects of the past year and half have been challenging for our young people and our staff but, without complaint, everyone has risen to the challenge. I would like to thank our teachers, support staff, our school counsellor and parents for a great team effort in very difficult circumstances.

We hope that the coming year brings a return to normality for all in the school community and we look forward to a safe and successful year ahead.


F Donnelly