The school is mindful at this time of the worries and difficulties faced by many families arising not only from the coronavirus but also the anniversary of the Greenvale tragedy as well as general anxiety and stress that may arise for examination students over how their exam grades will be worked out. Therefore the school counsellor will continue to be available and can be contacted on 07966 434499 or e-mail: [email protected]

Important support links below:

All form teachers have a google classroom with their form class to offer emotional support and to signpost helpful resources.

Form Teacher Google Classroom Codes

Please note these codes will be re-set on Friday 3rd April to adhere to data protection.

IT Support – “HOW TO… instructions” are located at the bottom of this page in the attachments section.

Contact during school closure

Queries may be directed to the school e-mail account: [email protected] (referencing the relevant staff member in the subject line) but we will also endeavour to keep the phone line open on 028 87 727400.

We will be continuing to communicate  through our school app. Please keep connected with our school community by keeping notifications on your school app turned on, to ensure we can remain in touch.

For IT issues related to distance learning, use one of the following forms.

To inform us that you are a Key Worker and require supervised care of your child, use the following form.

To advise us of a Change in family circumstances e.g. an illness, use the following form.



Distance Learning Guidelines for pupils


Create a daily structure for your day. You should base this on your school timetable but it can be more flexible to fit around your family’s needs. For example, sharing devices with other members of your family and caring for someone who may be unwell.

Learning Tasks

Teachers will have assigned learning tasks to you on google classroom. You are not required to complete all of this work in one day! Follow your school timetable, look at the subjects you have on a given day and spend time on these.

  • Some teachers will assign learning materials at the start of the week and you can work your way through these tasks in advance of deadlines if you wish. Alternatively teachers may send these daily.
  • It is important you log into google classroom each school day and engage with the tasks to advance your learning.
  • If you are not able to complete a task, your teacher will be understanding and you can hand it in late or if you are unwell, it does not need to be completed. Don’t worry, just keep trying your best.
  • Remember to only enter comments related to learning. This is not a group chat! Teachers have the option to ‘mute’ you or if necessary, remove you entirely from the classroom.
  • Check email daily

Engaging with teachers

  • Submitting work (usually by taking a photo and sending to your teacher within the assignment )
  • Review teachers comments on returned work
  • Use Commenting to reply to your teacher’s feedback. Seek clarification on gaps in your learning
  • You may email your teacher if needed.





Visit the Distance Learning dedicated site with guidance for pupils and parents.

Download our google classroom guidance book  (this will continue to evolve)