2017 Admissions Criteria for Sixth Form


Criteria for admission into Year 13 – St Patrick’s Academy SECTION 7:


7.1.      Those pupils currently on the school roll who wish to continue into Year 13 should satisfy the following:

  1. A minimum of 7 GCSE passes, with a minimum combined GCSE points score of Combined points scores will be worked out on the following basis.

Grade A*       = 4 points,

Grade A          = 3 points,

Grade B           = 2 points and

Grade C           = 1 points

  1. The ability to satisfy the entry requirements for each of their AS/A level subjects;
  2. The availability of a place in the preferred A Level subjects,
  3. A previous record, which clearly indicates that high standards have been consistently met in the following areas:

(i)        Commitment to the aims and ethos of the school

(ii)       Conduct

(iii)      Application to study

(iv)      Attendance

(v)       Punctuality

  1. If deemed necessary, pupils will have to satisfactorily complete an interview with the Principal and/or another member of the school’s management team.


Applicants will, on the basis of their combined GCSE points score, be guided towards courses that maximise their chances of success, consistent with their career aspirations. Designation of pupils to courses and classes will be at the discretion of the school.


7.2.      To accommodate those from outside the school who wish to join the Sixth Form, if any places remain, the above criteria for admission to Year 13 will apply. In addition:

  1. All such applicants should provide satisfactory reports from their previous schools in relation to attendance, punctuality and conduct;
  2. All external applicants will be obliged to complete satisfactorily an interview with the Principal and/or another member of the school’s management team;
  3. In the event of there being more applicants than places available, those to be admitted will be identified by the application, in the indicated order (1-2) of the criteria set out below:

(i)        Applicants who have previously attended a ‘non-grammar’ school whose AS/A2 provision does not meet their needs;

(ii)       Pupils with the highest combined GCSE score. Total points score at GCSE will be worked out on the basis of:

Grade A*          = 4 points,

Grade A          = 3 points,

Grade B           = 2 points and

Grade C           = 1 points


7.3.      Criteria for any extra places made available by the Department of Education for admission into Year 13.


The Department of Education (DE) may, on request, increase the number of pupils that the school can admit to its Year 13. Places that become available in this way shall be allocated only to pupils who meet the basic eligibility criteria for Sixth Form study (as above) and shall be allocated in the order determined by the criteria to be applied in the order set down below.


(i)        Pupils who have most recently completed Year 12 in St Patrick’s Academy


(ii)       Pupils from other schools where admission to an extra place at St Patrick’s Academy has been agreed by the Department of Education.*


*Parents should note how the Department of Education (DE) will, in response to a school’s request, increase the school’s enrolment number in order to allow an extra post-16 pupil to enrol. DE will first check whether there is another school or schools of a type suitable for that pupil within an hour’s journey of where the pupil lives. If there is, DE will then check whether this other school or schools may provide all of the post-16 courses that the pupil wishes to pursue. If these checks find that no other suitable school may provide all of the post-16 courses that the pupil wishes to pursue – then DE will agree a school’s request for an extra place.


What is a school of a type suitable for a pupil?


To determine this, DE first considers all schools to be of four types: (1) denominational (2) non-denominational (3) Integrated and (4) Irish-Medium. A school requesting an extra place for a post-16 pupil will belong to one of these 4 types and DE will consider any other school or schools from this type as suitable for the pupil. DE will also consider as suitable for the pupil any school from the same type of school as the type of school that the child attended in Year 12.


If you have any queries regarding the School or its Admissions Criteria contact the school principal.