Sixth Form Subject Choices

The school offers the following subjects to A level: Accounting, Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Software Development, Drama & Theatre Studies, Economics, English Literature, French, Further Maths (A/S Level), Geography, Government and Politics, history, Nutrition and Food Science, Digital Technology, Irish, Mathematics, Media Studies, Moving Image Art, Music, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Sports Studies, technology.

The following single award /Applied A level courses are offered: Business Studies, Engineering, Health & Social Care and Travel and Tourism.

We have established and will continue to develop curriculum links with The Royal School, Dungannon, South West College and St Patrick’s College, Dungannon in order to open up additional options at GCSE and post-16.

Students are normally expected to take four subjects to AS level and the majority continue with three to A2 level but we encourage those with the ability and application to take four subjects through to A2 level.

The school currently offers 25 subjects at GCSE and 32 at A Level. This more than meets the Entitlement Framework regulation of 24 subjects at GCSE and 27 at post-16.

Subject Choices

Subject Entry Requirements


Please note:

  • You are asked to choose FOUR subjects (one per block)
  • Accounts and Business Studies and Economics is not a permitted combination.  Any TWO of these is permitted.
  • Republic of Ireland universities do not recognise Applied subjects.

* Students attend South West College Dungannon to study this course. This is a Subsidiary Diploma.